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Vision Forward
Pay It Forward for a Better Los Angeles is built on the belief that a little kindness goes a long way. We believe in the power of our community, acting as a hub in the formation of coalitions to empower our youth to realize their full potential and nurture a culture of investment in our future. Most of all, Pay It Forward believes everyone deserves a voice in how to make a difference. As much as ever before, our communities are aching for help. 80% of Americans are living below or near the poverty line. Of all working-age adults in Los Angeles County, 53% are illiterate. Youth are even worse off—half of LAUSD students are scoring below standard levels of proficiency in English language aptitude tests, in part because California students rank near the very bottom of states in access to books.
Mission Ahead
Pay It Forward for a Better L.A. believes there is a path to a solution. Working with partners such as non-profits, local businesses and corporations, and independent donors and volunteers, Pay It Forward endeavors to provide much-needed resources such as books, toys, clothing, and sports equipment, as well as services such as coaching, on-the-job training in vocational trades, and supplemental educational opportunities. Eliminating unnecessary waste by accepting donations of unwanted goods from individuals, businesses, and partner non-profits is yet another method of providing for underserved communities at minimal cost. Our goal is to encourage all members of our community to act as stakeholders in our future and the future of our children.

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